An Open Letter to Mr. George Galloway

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I received a notification on my Twitter from a George Galloway in the UK the other day. His profile says he’s a “Member of Parliament for Bradford West, pro-Palestine, anti-war, pro-equality, anti-Islamophobia”. He seemed quite distraught over one of my postings on Islam. So distraught that he said he was reporting my feed to the Metropolitan Police in London, England! ROTFL!










I figured I’d respond to him in an open letter in order to explain my position on the matter!

Dear Mr. Galloway,

It will never cease to amaze me how one-sided people can be, especially when it comes to Islam and their movement to take over the world by force! The war between Christians and the Muslim world has been going on since the dawn of time! There wasn’t just 1 crusade, there were many and they were started in order to push the Muslims back out of Christian lands! You have some nerve coming to my Twitter Page complaining whining over the fact that I said Islam can go to hell!

Here’s a History Lesson for you on the true nature of Islam:

Have you even been following the news lately? Have you even been watching the news in your own country? SHEESH! Even the Daily Mail out of the UK is writing on the violence of these people! I take it you haven’t seen the message of “’This is a message for every American citizen, ‘You are the target of every Muslim in the world wherever you are.’” Or the Hashtag “#AmessagefromISIStoUS”…. I guess since you claim to be a “Pro-Palestine, anti-war, pro-equality, anti-Islamophobia” type of person, you would turn a blind eye to the stuff they are doing around the globe!
News Flash for you Georgie:
Just because you claim to be all of that, doesn’t make you a Muslim, nor does it make them like your British behind!

Where are you and your idle threats when ISIS and the followers of Islam are killing Women, Children, Christians, and anyone who does not believe as they do? These people are starting their own Holocaust on the world and you choose to protect them? REALLY? Where are your cries of outrage when they are raping and beheading? Where are you and your “reporting to the MetPolice” when ISIS and other Niggnerant Islamic Fools (and yes, I can say Niggnerant as I made up the word) are making threats to the US and Israel on YouTube for all to see?

I for one don’t care about your British title, position, or who you are in this world! Please do not make that mistake again! If you are going to come at me, I suggest you do it intelligently and leave your idle threats over my American Right of Freedom of Speech out of it! It’s because of people like you that the UK is being overrun by Islam and Muslims now! You may have lost your balls, but we here in the United States have not! We will not sit idle while these people kill our citizens and take over our country as you Brits seemed resigned to do!

My response to you and your little threat of calling the Met Police…..

Go ahead! Do what you have too! If it makes you feel like a “man” to whine, then go ahead! ! Pull up your Big Girl Bloomers and find your balls! I can mail some balls to you if you’d like!
But…. In the mean time, you can kiss my Perfectly Tanned Proud Veteran American behind! I will not shut up and I will not cave to these animals! They are less than dirt and the Original Slave Masters of the world! In fact they still practice Slavery to this very day! So sit back and enjoy the ride while I do my part in sending them back to the depths of hell were they belong! Don’t you worry! We here in the US have got you covered as alway! If it weren’t for us, you’d be speaking German, Arabic, or some other Foreign Language right about now!
Have I made myself clear?
Have a nice day you British Pansy!

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134 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mr. George Galloway

  1. Kuumele you have still not addressed any of the points in my first 2 posts. All you Anti Islam minority who stand for racism and opression are doomed. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, the second largest religion in the world. There are many non muslims who stand against Israel and the US for their oppression in the middle east. I am sure you are all well aware of the world wide protests that has been taking place recently against the occupation of Gaza. In New York, Washington, Chicago over hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets even in front of the white house to protest against Israel occupation and the US funding of Israel. Tell me what would you tell your fellow christian, jewish, hindu, athiest citizens of America who are wise enough to know the truth, are they all also completely wrong? There are protests in Israel by Israeli jewish citizens in Tel Aviv that are held to protest against the occupation of Gaza.
    Kuumele Malcolm X who had fought for black human rights in America, Your rights, Stood for the Palestinians. Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela all respectable world renowned human activists and philosophers stood with Palestine. I strongly urge all of you to go and research Islam, read what Islam is on Wikipedia. Just do that. That is what Islam is not what haters of Islam say it is. I strongly condemn what ISIS and extremist groups do in the Middle East and Nigeria but they do not represent Islam, i curse those people of ISIS as much as i would curse you they are extremists who are evidently funded by the US and Israel to create turmoil and civil unrest in the Middle East so that they have reason to invade once again killing million of thousands in the interim. The US has funded Al Qaeda, the US has funded all terrorist organisations at one point in time. This world is much bigger than all of us and it is easy for the Zionist Regime to mind control people as they control the media. I strongly support all human rights of all religions but the small Extremist minority of muslims does not represent Islam and its peaceful majority of muslims. Please do not reply with insults to my grammar or wording or views or if you think im stupid. Rather address the points I have brought up in a logical manner. Address sentence by sentence so maybe I can understand where you are coming from and what makes you feel the way you do. Please let us not be disrespectful to one another or other people’s religion.

    • I haven’t been online. I do have a life. Also, again….. I’m not addressing your stuff because the racism and oppression you spoke of does not exist with me. Pick different terms. You may want to read more on Malcolm X as well. He had very different views at the end which is why he was killed by islamic idiots. I strongly urge you to do more research. I know this topic very well. You ask me not to respond to your grammar or with insults…. Next time if you want to be treated with respect, don’t start off the conversation doing exactly what you say you don’t want done to you. That’s how that works.

  2. Wow – the amount of IGNORANCE in Africa is frightening!
    YES, there are constant news reports from corrupt Liberal so-called news media, racist groups (like the UN), Liberal Elite Academia, radical Cults (ISLAM, THE CULT OF RAPE AND ANTISEMITISM), and generally uneducated people’s (most of which are in SOUTH AFRICA, apparently) that the Jews have STOLEN their land from the indigenous Palestinians.

    Guess what – There is NO SUCH THING AS PALESTINIANS!

    It’s even beyond the fact that there are no ‘Palestinians’ – there was no one there, period. A friend of mine (who sadly passed away 20 years ago) was a US soldier stationed in Egypt after WWII – he told me the land know as Israel today was EMPTY until Truman started talking about a Jewish homeland – then Arabs flooded in from Jordan and proclaimed themselves ‘Natives’.

    ITS THE JEWS WHO ARE THE NATIVES!!!! They were DISPERSED by the ROMAN CONQUERERS across their empire. It was the ROMANS who NAMED the area Palestine after the Jews ancient enemies, The Philistines, just to MOCK them.

    There is NO MENTION OF PALESTINIANS IN THE BIBLE. There is NONE in Roman records. The IDIOTS arguing out there – respond with an Historical record of the Palestinian Royal family, coinage, archeological site – ANYTHING.

    There is more evidence of ATLANTIS than there is of Historical PALESTINIANS.

    The Arabs who FLOODED the area didn’t even refer to themselves as Palestinians – they were native Arabs. They KNOW this – this is all PROPAGANDA to MILK MONEY AND WEAPONS from the LIBERAL LEFT by TRICKING THEM into seeing them as the NATIVE AMERICANS – when THE ARABS ARE THE RACIST INVADERS.

    It was Yasser Arafat who created the FICTION of a ‘Palestinian People’ for the Propaganda value. He knew better – they ALL DO.

    “The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.” – King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981

    “Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate,” Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970.

    Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared in 1980, “The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture.”

    “You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget this one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria. You are an integral part of the Syrian people, Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the true representatives of the Palestinian people.”
    Syrian President Hafez Assad to Yasser Arafat.

    Mark Twain – Samuel Clemens, the famous author of “Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer”, took a tour of the Holy Land in 1867. This is how he described that land: “A desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds. A silent, mournful expanse. We never saw a human being on the whole route. There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

    The land of Israel has BLOSSOMED in the care of the Israelites – the NATIVES WHO WERE GIVEN THE LAND BY GOD!

  3. Kuuleme, my grammar “nazi” mind is spinning and my English teacher Grandma is spinning in her grave. But, Joey and Annelie seem to struggle with English as a second language. They don’t seem to handle insults thrown back at them very well. On the so-called “Palestinian” front, “Palestinian” males (men would be inappropriate) hide behind their women and children. They are bloodthirsty, murderous, heartless, faithless, brainless, cruel, inhuman (have I used enough adjectives to describe “Palestinian” males?). Hey Joey and Annelie, I’m a ZIONIST! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, creator of heaven and earth and all that is in it and on it is a ZIONIST! Don’t call yourself a “Christian” (a follower of the Jewish Messiah) and hate Israel or Jews. Islam is an extreme death cult. It’s founder and pseudo prophet, Mohammed, was a murderous, pedophile. And Islam still enslaves men, women and children to this day.

  4. By the way you pieces of shit I watched a video of Isis cutting the head off a Iraqi girl less then ten years old and then they paraded her body around like it was a doll. Do you still support Islam?

  5. Joe… u living in dreamland boy…. u guys cant do shit… go to the middle east boy… theyll have you for breakfast…. all the propaganda you guys watch has brainwashed you idiots…. the little u guys know is amazing to the rest of the world…. do you know that the whole world knows that the dumbest army is the american army…. they don’t even know what they fight for…. like donkeys with blinkers on…. ur a fukin idiot joe…. have u actually read your comments… you sound retarded…. its obvious ur stupid…. go get an education… wont even bother anymore with stupid people like you guys….. truelly I havent met dumber people then you guys….. fkn real idiots…. if stupidity was a crime they would hang you guys….

  6. For a long time, there has been a strong sense of solidarity between the Palestinians and the indigenous peoples of North America. The late activist Russell Means explained the connection in simple, but potent, terms in 2009: “Every policy, the Palestinians are now enduring was practiced on the American Indian. What the American Indian movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East.” If Israel’s project is a colonial-settler one (and it is), then the systematic genocide and displacement America and Canada have exacted upon their indigenous populations provide a disturbing parallel.Sacramento Knoxx looks to emphasize this connection in his most recent video The Trees Will Grown Again

  7. You fucking Muslim supporters support the raping of women who then can be executed. You stupid fucking women who support Islam who consider all women as less then pet dogs! Mark my words. There are millions of us in the usa who would fucking wipe you off the face of the planet. Do you think the billions of Chinese would be on your side?

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  9. Im an Italian Catholic by the in South Africa, . and we have the utmost respect for the muslims…. what we have forgotten you still have to learn.
    You should become and organ donor… who ever gets your brain will be lucky since you havent used it … still brand new.

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    • A real woman does. You would just be a hypocrite! I say what I mean and mean what I say. You on the other hand would be one of those hoity toity bitches who will talk nice to someones face then talk shit behind someones back! Grow the fuck up!

  13. 1.6 Billion people are muslims in the world…. and u think u r rite? Hahahaha….. u r a joke… if u look in the mirror ull agree

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  15. Your not a black female conservative, and you will never be one in a 100 lifetimes… you dont even know your roots are from Africa. … you want to see Black female conservatives who have fought for freedom and democracy then you will find them in Africa… you are definetly not one of them. You are a hate promoter … you are the reason they invented contraceptives…. ask ur mum… she’ll confirm it.

    • I don’t respond to Ebonics becaue it’s not proper English and it won’t get you anywhere in life! You can’t get a job here in the US speaking Ebonics and acting like a thug or gang banger! Need I say more??? Are you that stupid????

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  17. dumbass: ebonics= american black english regarded as a language. so NO we are actually speaking a language someone with as much opinions on the rest of the world should be able to atleast know that.

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  19. relevant? need i remind you this discussion was mainly centered around current affairs at the start yet you had the audacity to start throwing insults about religion and Prophet Muhammed Peace be Upon him who by the was is not only revered by muslims but people worldwide even listed as the number one on the list of most influential men in history.

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    • Again, give me something relevant to discuss with you! All you and your fuck buddies have been throwing out is insults and more insults! And get your facts straight while you’re bullshitting too. I’m not a talk show host! SHEESH, at least be accurate and have your facts straight if you’re going to try and insult someone! And you wonder why I don’t take your comments seriously…. SMH……

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  23. Let me tell you something you ignorant stupid insecure bullshitter. If you didn’t know the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him was sent by God to complete the religion that Jesus came with. He was illiterate as all in his time knew so that they could not dispute the fact that it is the word of God. Also God has vowed to protect His last Book to humankind and the proof is there a minimum of 400 000 people have memorized the Quraan at any one point in time. He married a jewish woman yes but she did later convert to Islam and that my dear was the point. Also yes one of the wives was young at the time of the marriage BUT it was only consumated when she was at an acceptable age. As opposed to you who probably has had multiple partners, before for your jibe at little boys is most likely a pet peeve of your own or perhaps related to your own past experience.

    • You can’t tell me shit you ignorant bitch! What made you ASSume that I haven’t researched this topic? I have read the piece of crap quran, I have resesearch islam and their BULLSHIT! Come and talk to me when you have something relevant to say!

    • I curse you and hope you die in a fiery wreck you Muslim loving piece of idiotic shit. Islam is not a religion. It is a cancer that has been making the world suffer for centuries. I pray one day it is all wiped out. Go fuck your self and that south African piece of shit who insults all Italians although I doubt that’s his real name.
      Fuck the prophet Mohammed. The time will come when the world will unite and wipe all of Islam off the face of the earth

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  26. @Kuummele when you are ready to dispute any of the FACTS we have pointed out please feel free, we’d love to discuss further

  27. Lol she was first so confident to comment and reply like she had all the time in the world now she ran away because she didn’t know how to defend her stupidity any longer.

  28. Also since you believe that Islam is a cult, do you know that there is estimate almost 7 billion people in the world of which 1.6 billion are muslims. There are 2.6 million muslims in America. So you are telling me that the 2.6 million muslims citizens of America is following a cult.

    I swear to you that there will come a time in your life which will probably be when you die that you will realize how very wrong you are and it may be to late for you. You have no morals. No principles. No logic. No faith. No humanity and I swear that God will show you the wrong of your ways and I curse you for your hatred of Islam and Muslims. You will be damned.

  29. @all who follow Islam is a cult. Kindly educate yourselves on the teachings of Islam and the Biography of The Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. May God open your hearts and eyes to the truth. @Kuummele ran away? remain in your state of ignorance and may you suffer in this world and eternally.

    • Why would I want to educate myself on a man who suffers from mommy and woman issues, had a God Complex, was a hypocrite considering he married a Jewish girl, was a pedophile, likes little boys and was homosexual as well, who wrote the quran while high on bat shit and bad mushrooms while hiding out in a cave? You do realize he learned Christianity first don’t you? Piss be upon you as well! LOL!

    • Mohammed will fuck you in the ass using a severed pig pens. May all you kind suffer till the world is rid of you. You are the arms of Satan and you shall be defeated so says prophet gunpowder

  30. In my entire life I never met anyone as dumb as kuuleme… in South Africa we would put her in a disable school… see what kind od people they put in the American Navy LOL….

  31. sam, she has no clue what is really going on in the world let alone her own country. she actually cant address any of the points you brought up because shes plain and simple ignorant

  32. run away your stupidity will follow you. And remember Gods wrath can reach you wherever you may be sleep peacefully

  33. ok Kuumele if english was invented by the English then dare i ask you what your native tongue is? Or do they not have a language for braindead?

    • It wasn’t who invented English it was the usage of the English words that was up for debate! If people are going to call people ignorant, then they may want to utilize the correct terms when insulting someone!

  34. You are right Joey. This woman unfortunately is brain dead. Kuumele you have not responded with any intellectual thought regarding any of the points I addressed, I don’t blame you as I can see that you have not one atom of intelligence in you and you cannot fathom any information given to you. You use your vulgar language as a defence as you cannot address any of the same issues you brought up any further than what you have read on american news headlines.

  35. Lets just say you are the most ignorant person I’ve come across and that too you still have a big mouth. lets just say darling when your beloved country and those in charge run you out and shoot you like a rabid dog or perhaps execution style while unarmed ie. Ferguson you might realise that you are NOTHING.

    • Hey Annelie…..I will let you in on a little secret, we are very armed here. That means we have got lots and lots and lots of guns…………, if the gov’t wants to start shooting people like rabid dogs they may have a small problem. I just love people like you who think you have a concept about America! You kids make me laugh…really really hard!

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  41. Coward??? Really? You do know that killing is murder and ILLEGAL for a civilian right???? What kind of dumbass are you? I don’t need teeth little boy! I’m a Navy Veteran and our military is doing their job lighting y’all muzzies up just fine! Our country hasn’t been taken over like yours and the UK has! LOL! Let me know when you actually have a brain, then maybe I will give you a serious response!

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  43. Its easy to say that from where you are, why don’t you try doing it. Actions speak louder than words…. id like to see how brave you are you coward.

  44. Yes, don’t waste your time! I don’t take any supporters of the Cult of islam seriously! I think people who support muslims and islam have a mental disorder and should be put down like rabid dogs! Can you hear me now????

  45. Samantha dont waste your time with this idiot, she’s just looking for attention. She hasnt got half a brain to begin with. You have to talk to her on her level, which is very difficult coz the rest of us were born with brains. She should get the book called “research for dummies” I think amazon has a special at the moment on it, (not the jungle kuuleme)

  46. See how it feels, a small insult to your family and you get defensive. Can you imagine how the Palestinian children feel when they have to see their parents dead bodies lying infront of them .

    • Oh and the Israelis don’t have dead??? But by all means keep supporting the cult of Islam. I already told you that! It is your right to do so! No wonder why your country and the UK have been taken over!

      • First of all you just proved me right by replying to my previous post saying nothing of actual consequence.
        Secondly my usage of the word racism is correct seeing as you consider your “perfectly tanned proud veteran american behind” superior to the rest of the world. Thirdly, had you done your research you would be aware of the fact that slavery is contrary to the beliefs and teachings of Islam. If you had done your research you would have found that America has funded all so called terrorist groups at some point in time. Also talking about racism, slavery and oppression you need only look to Ferguson and you will find that is a practise that is not Islamic but American. Any country that the US has claimed to invade, help and rebuild has only suffered further and gone on to later become a target as has Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt. Islam in its true religion prohibits all ISIS war crimes and this group does not represent Islam. This group is evidently funded by the US so that the US may gain reason to invade once again in the Arab countries which is currently happening now. Regarding Israel. If Israel really cared about the few Israeli deaths in comparison to Palestine and if they wanted Hamas to stop sending rockets their way then they should get the hell of Palestinian land. They have stolen over 80% of Palestinian land and still occupy the rest. So i’m sorry if you feel that Israel has suffered from loss of life but the Palestinians have suffered hundreds of thousands more lives, homes and human rights. I know you will once again reply with your sad and shameful views and your vulgar unnecessary language. Do your self a favour and keep your mouth shut until you have something factual or of significance to say or otherwise keep it shut until your waste of being is no more.

  47. Kuumele, never have I felt more sorry for a person than I feel for you. Your ignorance is shameful and quite frankly you have absolutely no clue of anything that is truly going on in the world. You assume you can watch your mind controlled american news station headlines and believe you know everything. I suggest before you reply to my comment you should first get your facts in order, so instead of your poorly written letter of your misguided and ignorant views, you can actually research in depth of all the subjects related so that you may prove yourself wrong. Please don’t stick to using mainstream media and search stations as this is controlled by the Zionist regime who are your true enemy. Unfortunately people with your stupid mind set exist in this world and it is so sad that you may never realise the truth. That you will instead of really going to research the relevant topics you will once again leave a comment with your own naive views. I plead to you that you should stop with your racism, discrimination against people and places that you know nothing about and first have a look at your own country. If you keep to this mindset you will unfortunately only realise once its to late how disgusting your illogical mind works.

    • How about your ignorant behind get your vocabulary straight before comment in my postings! It wouldn’t be racism you ignorant fool! That would actually be bigotry against Islam. I just love how people want to act like they know everything, tell people they need to research and how ignorant they are, yet don’t even know the English Vocabulary or the meaning of words their damn selves! WOW! Go back to the little kids playground!

    • Zionist regime? Who the fuck are you you pig fucker? I see your future you bitch whore. You will be gang raped in the ass by the Muslims you defend and then they will cut your ucking head off you dumb bitch. The whole time you will be crying” but I’m your friend and I defended you” the last thing you will ever hear is a Muslim voice saying “you are worth less then my brothers dog bitch”

  48. Like I said, your an uneducated idiot , please rather shut up and dont embarass the rest of America. You are the jackass for your information, you just confirmed your lack of a brain, your language that you use is also an indication of your status in society, cant be from an educated family for sure… I feel sorry for idiots like you, you just get dumber everyday.

    • Since when did anyone say they gave two craps about your opinion? Does the Queen know you’re trying to take here job? Lol! Don’t start making insults about my family! That just goes to show how uneducated and rude you are! If you have to resort to personal attacks, you obviously have nothing important to say at all. Personal attacks are what the ignorant resort to when they run out of BULLSHIT! Are you done yet asswipe? Don’t you have some Palestinians to support somewhere?

    • It never ceases to amaze me that those with the least amount of discernment call others ‘Uneducated Idiots’ when those people call them out on their own stupidity. Supporting a people, race, religion or political ideology whose foundational tenant is to murder you and your family at the first convenient moment is the height of stupidity and ignorance. Liberals are nothing short of suicidal. The intelligent would support their suicidal tendencies just to get rid of them, except that they want the rest of us to hold their hands as they walk off the cliff. Guns, Muslim’s, war, nuclear weapons, famine, starvation…..these things aren’t going to be the downfall of mankind – liberals will be. There is no weapon on the planet more dangerous than the cowardly, ignorant, diseased liberal mind…..

  49. This might be a joke to you people but innocent civilians are being murdered, who cares what they believe in, they are innocent women and children, and idiots like you turn it into a religious thing, dumb and dumber…. this is a humanitarian issue. We as christians in South Africa support the palestinians and their right to freedom and democracy.

    • Who said I was juking?!? Go ahead! Keep supporting Islam and the Original Slave Masters if you want to! They don’t give a rats ass about your South African behind! You’ll just die right next to them if they don’t kill you off first!

    • Joey, did you happen to notice Hamas firing rockets into Israel FIRST? If the Palestinians don’t want their children to die then why do they hide behind them? All they need to do to stop their own deaths is STOP SHOOTING AT ISRAEL.

    • And we true patriots support the rights of Israel to live peaceful. How many hundreds of thousands of soldiers gave their lives ultimately to save those of the Jewish faith from the Nazi scum? It was too late for more then six million. But you who cry for the Muslim faith are so fucking idiotic that you are either brain washed or you are a alien from outer space. So please do the world a favor and catch aids and die

    • True Christians support Israel and their right to exist. And yes innocent people are dying by the hundreds every day due to the actions of Muslims around the world.

  50. For your information im from South Africa, Do you know where that is? If not its from the Land where Nelson Mandela is from and the same Country that suffered Appartheid just like what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. As I said…. grow a brain .

  51. Now I know why they say the youth of America are idiots and uneducated. You have shown everyone in the world of your lack of intelligence. You should go and educate yourself as it is clear you have no idea what is happening in the world. Stupidity is not a disability, you have a chance to remedy that, go read and grow a brain.

    • I take it you’re offended because you are either from the UK of live in the UK! LOL! Are y’all still yellin’ “Hail to the Queen” there still or are you praising Muhammad the Muslim God yet? ROTFL!

    • You have shown the world how fucking idiotic you are. I’m ashamed to be Italian because of you but yet I still don’t believe you. Are you so fucking stupid as to see what people have done to others in the name of Islam you fucking coward?

  52. Kuuleme, please let me know if I ever insult you. If I do, I APOLOGIZE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!! I don’t want you for any enemy. You know how to kick ass with your words because you say it like it is. Thank you so much for being a REAL patriot and a real leader for all of us to look up to. You’re an awesome lady!!!!!!!!

  53. Galloway is a useless cunt known to true Brits as such he sucks up to Muslims because they are the only ones stupid enough to give him their votes. He isn’t a has been…he’s a never was a pathetic and laughable caricature of a man

  54. Are you sure he is in the UK and a member of Parliament? Sounds sorts a like a French Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey to me…and I like that you remind him we still have our balls here in the USA. His were apparently surrendered at some point.

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