Kim Jung Un-wanted to #WatchAMovieWithYou, not even with Dennis Rodman?

death_of_a_president The Interview Movie PosterAnyone remember the movie Death of a President?  The assassination of President George W. Bush ring a bell?  A foreign production, Great Britain to be exact an American ally.  The brief basic premises of the movie was that President G.W. Bush would be assassinated in Chicago and the Republican legislators blame a Muslim that they suspect to be Al Qaeda for the assassination, but in reality it’s possibly an Iraqi war veteran that leaves a suicide note, which is why his family suspects him but according to this movie, the now acting Pres. Cheney wants war and to make the Patriot Act III so that no American has any rights under the threat of terrorism and to attack Syria under misguided beliefs.  Fast forward to 2014 and we now have Sony, a movie called The Interview and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un and declarations that it is an act of war by N.Korea.

The movie Death of a President, is also the main reason I had a not so pleasant and very invasive visit from the FBI Chicago detail that protected a certain powerful Illinois Senator that year.  Why the FBI visit and this specific Senator? Because I sent an email with my husband to the Senator when we heard about this movie and it’s release asking him, actually begging him as the Senator from IL with some serious political clout, to please see what he could do through his very active involvement with the Foreign Affairs Committee or any appropriate avenue,  to have the U.K. cease and desist with having the President, America’s President as the liberals love to scream now, from being made a mockery and someone capitalizing off of such a despicable act!  Not to mention there were already enough threats and folks hanging as well as burning effigies of Bush here in America.  Unfortunately this Senator, alleges that we threatened him, which of course he wasn’t and it was apparent in the email copy that was brought out by the FBI as well as the fact that they had “hacked” our home computers in advance of knocking on our door and searching our house. The Senator was  told he would be even more of an undesirable —- than I thought for standing idly by with his connections and influence while not trying to protect the image of the President, he wouldn’t even make a statement on the issue. Yes we (my husband I) didn’t think about the right to creative freedom, either at that time and just goes to show how one can “evolve” when one has an administration that wants to fundamentally change the very essence of the republic and framework of one’s nation.

A representative of the Texas Republican Party and the Senator of New York did so, Gretchen Esell of the Texas Republican Party stated:        “I find this shocking, I find it disturbing. I don’t know if there are many people in America who would want to watch something like that.”

Senator Hillary Clinton: “I think it’s despicable.” and commentary from Emily Lawrimore, White House spokesperson was: “We are not commenting because it doesn’t dignify a response.”  .

But now we bow to the pressure from the East, North Korea to be exact and as the Presidential Hip Hop Ambassador Beyonce sings,” bow down”, and give in to North Korea’s demands with cyber attacks.  Yes, I know they (North Korea), aren’t Europe being geographically correct,  but since we have all these international allies including Great Britain, one would have thought at least Europe would have thought twice about such a movie but then again, we, Americans do brag and love our first amendment freedom and therefore that means we must extend it globally as is the thought and sentiments of others as well. But then to have to bow to pressure from a communist country to ban a movie’s showing in theaters, specifically speaking of the movie The Interview?  A British paper, The Guardian ran an article that included statements from UN Ambassador Ja Song Nam, he stated to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in a letter;

To allow the production and distribution of such a film on the assassination of an incumbent head of a sovereign state should be regarded as the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism as well as an act of war. The United States authorities should take immediate and appropriate actions to ban the production and distribution of the aforementioned film; otherwise, it will be fully responsible for encouraging and sponsoring terrorism.

This government official, according to Reuters and The Guardian went on to state that it shows the “desperation of the U.S. government and American society and a “reckless U.S. provocative insanity” read more via, Reuters.

The Guardian goes further to state in an article dated June 25th of this year, “It appears that the film’s plot has touched a nerve inside the regime, which takes a dim view of satirical treatment of its leaders and is notoriously paranoid about perceived threats to their safety.”

Freedom isn’t freedom globally it appears, and yes there is diplomacy and being tactful, but it’s fiction, it’s creative arts and gee, forgive my American ignorance here and/or “desperation” here but, I was under the impression that North Korea had a very tight and governmental control over what it’s citizens read, watched, listened to at all times. Where’s Dennis Rodman when America needs him? I guess that goodwill ambassadorship game didn’t leave as much goodwill as he so naively thought (sarcasm here). Oh and Rodman, perhaps you need to bend over and pucker up because while your prediction that something would happen trying to imply something positive with your statement of, “I know truly in my heart’s something’s going to happen,” Rodman said. “If it does happen, watch all of these people kiss my ass.” Something happened alright, a cyber hack and threats of war, we’re not amused nor puckering up at anytime too soon for this “something.”

So through cyber attacks and what may or very well may not be a serious threat of war from North Korea, we have learned a lesson, valuable…I can’t say, but lesson for these modern times is that we make exceptions, everyone first but Americans and the American way, which is that anyone, regardless of stature in society is fair game for mockery, satire and if one is high profile enough to be cast in either a favorable or not so favorable role in a movie.  Seems like our movies, and let’s not forget also the film that some on the left tried to blame for the death of  American Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and Benghazi ring a bell for anyone else? The uncompleted film is called, Innocence of Muslims, sound familiar?

There is something fundamentally wrong, very duplicitous in the manner of this bowing to those that aren’t the ones that pay for the roads and bridges nor fund our government to keep this nation working are calling the shots.  Those that are also allowed to terrorize this nations citizens with stifling their freedom and right to the income they would have earned from sales of this movie.  Sony, James Franco, and Seth Rogan as well as everyone else involved in the creation of the film The Interview will lose earned income. Sony stands to lose $75 to $100 million dollars from estimates, and even more important the right to creative freedom.  Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? No I don’t mean critiques either regarding the film, but the politics affecting it and is this a new, to be expected occurrence?  Sony giving in to pressure does that set a precedence I guess I’m asking for future foreign demands on cinema or any other creative rights? Something to think about and keep a vigilant eye upon in the future.

Author’s note: The title is a play on the social media site Twitter and a hash tag that was used in response to the North Korea and Sony picture The Interview conflict.


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