“Free” Is Never Free: Someone Always Pays

The latest item received in my inbox from one of the millions of faceless supporters of Obama [not the POTUS as head of state, but of him as an individual and an icon] who laud their Democrat party as part of their core identity, is that of a screenshot of someone taking a partisan jab at those on the opposite side of the aisle [not pictured]. This time, it is vis-à-vis President Obama’s announcements of Community College being ‘free’ for all that are willing to work for it …

Obama 2 yrs CmtyClg

It certainly sounds good, doesn’t it? … Or does it? … Really?

One must ask oneself several questions before one can truly assent to this idea:

1- How will all of this be paid for?

2- How will the tuition be paid?

3- How will the Professors, Administrative and Auxiliary staff be paid?

4- How will the plethora of vendors that each Community College has contracted with be paid?

5- Who will determine which teaching materials are permissible, if the “Government” is now paying for it?

6- What is the objective of Government in paying for its citizens’ education?

7- What can the citizen expect to have to do to ‘repay’ the Government for his/her ‘free’ education?

These are all poignant and very necessary questions that deserve answers. However, the one which is the focus of this submission is: ‘How will all of this be paid for?’ If one would take a moment to research how this would move from theory to practice, one would see that this is not possible, except by placing the burden on Mr, Mrs & Ms Taxpayer.

US Government [for the purpose of this illustration, ‘USGOVT’ is renamed ‘Uncle Sugah’] aka ‘Uncle Sugah’, does not produce anything; therefore, he CANNOT generate revenue. Subsequently, Uncle Sugah must leech the money from Mr, Mrs, & Ms Taxpayer who are already beleaguered with the burden of carrying the weight of a great many members of the populous; and programming that, ironically, they take home too much income to take advantage of.

The success of our society requires a removal of excessive regulations from the Business of creating jobs. Uncle Sugah needs to get out of the way and allow Job Creators the freedom to create jobs, generate revenue for their communities and tax revenue for the US. Thereby, allowing people to better afford to pay their own way through Life, for their families by way of an higher education. This may be achieved, potentially, with minimal aid from the Dept of Education as a last resort.

It isn’t difficult to understand. It isn’t difficult, at all.

The Government, OUR Government seeks to become even more of a behemoth than we have already allowed it to. We’ve got to put our feet down and say, “No more! Get out of our way, and allow Americans to take care of Americans in the way that made us the greatest, and most envied, nation this world has ever seen – through Scholarship, Industry and Enterprise.”


The Last Civil Right writer, Celeste Claverie aka ConservativeCreole

The Last Civil Right Blogger Celeste Claverie aka ConservativeCreole


13 thoughts on ““Free” Is Never Free: Someone Always Pays

  1. We have states that are facing multi-million dollar cuts to their education budgets and we have a President who wants to offer free post-secondary education. This is becoming increasingly nonsensical. My state, Louisiana, is facing a very real possibility of cutting approximately $300 million from the State’s education budget in order to achieve a balanced budget.


    Excerpt: “… Public college and university campuses in Louisiana could close if the state ends up cutting $300 million or more out of its higher education budget during the next fiscal cycle.

    Legislators and higher education officials said Louisiana college systems would have to shut the doors of multiple institutions and campuses if the schools have to absorb a funding reduction of that size. Around 15 locations — including three in the University of Louisiana system and six in the community and technical college cohort — could be directly affected.

    “The magnitude of cuts being discussed for higher education could mean between 40 to 60 percent reductions of base funding for institutions in a single year. I do feel that all of our universities are critically needed for their regional economies and, especially, to meet the demands for workforce,” said Sandra Woodley, president of the University of Louisiana system, when asked about the possibility of campuses shutting down. …”

    • Eliza, thank you for tuning in and letting your voice be heard. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to and for those whose voice may not have the audience that the ladies of The Last Civil Right have been Blessed with. I encourage you to stay engaged and to stick around and take a look at the writings of the other ladies of this group. I’ve no doubt that you’ll find more to keep you encouraged and invigorated for the battles that lie ahead of us. God bless and keep you.

  2. It will be the burden of the tax payer as usual. My opinion about such is it also promotes lazy habits. How do you instil work ethics and the value of striving to move ahead, when it is handed to the lazy? And for those of us that worked hard to get it, and still work hard to get it because our wage is higher, it is a total slap in the face. I find it disturbing and devaluing of my hard work. I resent it.

  3. It’s great that you highlighted how all of this will be paid for. Once government gets involved in the community college business, what will stop it from controlling the curriculum?

    • Thank you Takia for reading my very first blog with The Last Civil Right; and being among the first one to comment!
      Wow! there would be nothing; and likely no one, to stop “Uncle Sugah” from controlling much of what needs to be independent of his influence. I believe we have evidence of what would occur with a Government approved cuuriculum as evidenced with this horrible ‘common core curriculum standards’. The silver lining is that at least 14 Governors have seen the light and are opting out of this treasonous travesty.

  4. Very good article. How could we, the people, allow such a government to come into power? I’m afraid it is far too late for our generation.

    • Thank you Jim for reading my very first blog with The Last Civil Right; and being one of the very first one to comment!
      Hmmm … To put it simply, Jim, we got complacent and figured, “Oh, someone else will take care of it. There are other soldiers/patriots (who will take care of it).” Or perhaps, we didn’t think our ‘small, tiny’ voice could make a difference and so we continued to be silent and give credence to the phrase, “the silent majority.”
      As it relates to the our generation, it may very well be too late to our work must be too late to clean it up in this season. However, we must be about working to make sure our children’s and children’s children’s generations aren’t too far hindered because of our missed opportunities.

  5. Bravo my Friend. Our leadership has lost sight of what it takes to make this Nation prosper. It’s just like you said, They need to get out of the way and let us, the People, get about the business of creating jobs and everything else will fall into place.

    • Thank you Cheryl for reading my very first blog with The Last Civil Right; and being one of the very first one to comment!
      Our ‘representative’ government has forgotten for whom they work. Post-2014-Midterms, I am not sure what it will take to awaken them to the fact that we are tired of ‘business as usual’ and We, The People demand that they stand up and do what we sent them to D.C. to do on our behalf …
      The spirit of our country, from its inception, has been entrepreneurial. We MUST return to that, become Producers once again, pay down our debt and continue to prepare for all else that lies ahead.

  6. Exactly. Who will pay? The taxpayers?! A news report said the program would pay a max of $3800 of tuition. I’m not familiar with current day tuition but can you get any tuition for that these days? The report also said tuition was only 20% of the cost of going to college now. Where does the rest come from? I’ve heard if the Federal Government didn’t support student loans the free market competition would force the student loan interest rates down and they would be more manageable for students. That might be a start.

    • Thank you John for reading my very first blog with The Last Civil Right; and being the very first one to comment!
      It is an absolute travesty and an act of robbery to continually expect the Middle Class to bear the tax burden of the poor … without a vehicle to bring them up. I’m glad we’re on the same team!

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