How ’bout that foreign policy?…


Let’s see here… Since Obama came to office there has been nothing but Fck up’s in his foreign policy…
But, if you have seen Dinesh D’souza’s: 2016 Obama’s America, none of this has comes as a surprise to you. In the movie, Dinesh talks of Obama’s disdain for America, the way he was brought up, the figures that were around him molding his brain, the hate that was instilled in his heart, the drums of war that never seemed to stop beating, that is leading him to think that since he is now commander-in-chief he has to reverse the years of mismanagement of the worlds foreign affairs that was done by his predecessors.

Here are just some that I can think of off the top of my head…

Israel – Our most reliable and trusted ally in the Middle East, is if I could use “hood” terms: America’s ace boon coon (best friend). But, here recently we have been shutting her out, leaving her to feel alone in this world full of wolves that have nothing more on the brain then to bring her down and in Iran’s case- Wipe her off the face of the earth. Obama has done everything in his power to make BeBe Netanyahu uncomfortable. He is (helping) stalling negotiations with Iran, Israel’s most well organized enemy. Hezbollah a militant group based in Lebanon (Israel’s northern border) is I guess another JV team to Obama. Hamas, over to the left of Israel is still giving Israel hell. While, ISIS (Whom Obama loves to call ISIL) is steady gaining ground in Syria/Iraq (Israel’s northeastern border) and doesn’t seem to have much resistance besides the Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq…

United Kingdom- Remember when Obama sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to the british?… Yea, what was that about? Winston Churchill was a very strong ally of the United States during both World Wars. –Dinesh D’souza tells you all about it in his movie… Then, he went on to snub the british by not attending or even sending a high ranking official in his administration to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral… and totally screwed up a state dinner with the Queen.

Ukraine- As some of you may know and some may not know about the Budapest Memorandum, that was a security agreement between: The U.S., Russia, United kingdom, China and France; to provide security for the safety of its borders if ever they were to come under some kind of attack once they gave up their nuclear weapons… Well, they gave them up…. Russia has invaded and taken over Crimea as most of you know, with its eye’s on more… What has the U.S. done? Nothing but talk… NOTHING of use….

Canada- Our allies to the north. He refuses to approve the keystone pipeline, not for “global warming” concerns, although that is a very convenient scapegoat (I believe) for his actual reasons; but because it would further empower the United States and its closest ally Canada (both “colonial” powers) and would put the US closer to energy independence. If this plan is not approved by the US, Canada has indicated that it will have to make a deal with other countries not so friendly to the US or its cause. (update- The United States Senate has passed legislation approving the Keystone pipeline, but Obama vows to veto it if it reaches his desk)

Iran- Iran, has been stalling and stalling and stalling when it comes to their nuclear program. It seems as though Obama could care-less. You will recall Obama saying that he wants a world where “no nation has nuclear weapons”. Well, that’s near impossible- the only nations nuclear weapons he can cut is ours… and he has. (Dinesh D’souza’s movie speaks on this as well) Obama has been “sanctioning” Iran since he has assumed the role of President, one has got to think by now that Iran is getting pretty damn close to what the hell we supposed to be trying to prevent them from with these sanctions huh? Speaking of those sanctions, sanctions are meant to hurt the person or entity they are being used against financially right? If that’s the case why is this administration sending millions upon billions to Iran? Seems to be working against what you have the American people to believe you are doing. I think Iran will get the nukes they so desire and like every other rogue nation that has nukes; they will obtain them under the watch of a democrat President. -oh, let me not forget the ICBM (inter continental ballistic missile) that the Israeli intelligence service found in Iran… now, if Israel is on the same continent as Iran; who do you think they are aiming for?

Cuba- Cuba, is a flat out communist nation. The government takes damn near 90% of whatever their citizens make (if they make anything at all). The US, “had” a trade embargo on them, where we would do no trade with them, whatsoever as long as they kept the set up of government they have. In comes Obama, “well, If you’ve tried something for 50 years and nothing has changed, then you need a new approach” or something like that he said…So, with the stroke of a pen and a click of a phone he lifts the embargo and allows “some” trade with Cuba. Cuba’s Castro brother’s are acting like its nothing compared to what he “could” do, but in their closets they are happy with glee because it just means more money for them. More trade, more money for the government….

Iraq: Remember when, Obama was boasting about pulling out of Iraq? He ended the war that Bush started and nobody liked nonsense… Well, as you clearly see, “Bush” was right. We pulled out of Iraq too soon and look what has happened there. In his haste Obama forgot to think, before he acted. Now, Iraq is falling apart just as quick as it was being built up. Isis has taken over much of the country, killing innocent people, destroying priceless structures, just wreaking all kinds of havoc in a country once safely held by U.S. troops.

Russia: Is on the move, snatching up parts of Ukraine, while at the same time dipping into Iraqi oil and docking subs and destroyers in Cuba, So happy are they that Obama didn’t finish as a matter of fact tore down the missile defense system Bush had in place for our allies over there in Europe.

Boko Haram: The lil terrorist group in Nigeria that’s snatching up lil girls and selling them for sex trade, terrorizing families in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

Illegal Aliens: People crossing our borders, whom we don’t know from adam or eve, don’t know nothing about them, where they come from or what their intentions are…. I could go on and on…
But, to sum it up….

Obama’s foreign policy is a joke. Yet, we have the media to thank for making it seem so normal. So, natural, that all this is going on while they report on deflated footballs and other nonsense that’s not so newsy as what I just laid out. Then, the President of the United States gives interviews to youtube sensations like the world is just not up in flames, knocking on World War III’s door.

Yes… Mr. Obama, how about that foreign policy?… Really something aint it?…


The Last Civil Right Blogger Monique Worthy the Conservative Duchess Twitter @MoniqueWorthy


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