Loretta Lynch, the perfect Attorney General for Obama…


President Obama’s pick for his next AG is just that… A handpicked member of his cabinet; US Attorney General’s are not elected they are plucked out of nowhere by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. The Senate is controlled by Republicans now, 54 of them to be exact. They have enough members to not confirm this woman. This is just one of many reasons why she shouldn’t be confirmed:

When questioned by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama she was asked:
What is your position today on the right to work, who has more right to a job here? a lawful immigrant (a green card holder), a citizen, or a person here unlawfully (illegally)?
Her response: “Well, Senator; I believe that umm, the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country. Uhhh, regardless of how they came here and certainly if someone is here, regardless of status, I would prefer that they be participating in the workplace then not participating in the workplace.”

To most who follow politics, you understood that… But, to others who do not follow politics let me untangle this for you…

The Attorney General is there to uphold the law of the land, to uphold federal law! Not laws the President sees fit to uphold. They are there to uphold ALL FEDERAL LAW… and the law of the land is that illegal immigrants can NOT work in the United States… IT IS ILLEGAL, UNLAWFUL, and it hurts the poor, low and under skilled which are looking for work-who also happens to be minorities and high school kids just graduating or on the way to graduation. Loretta Lynch just said in “political speak” that she is ok with that; she is ok with letting illegal immigrants compete with YOU AND ME for jobs right here in our country- That is NOT upholding federal law. NOT only that; but, we have people in media saying “well, they are doing stuff that Americans just won’t do”… oh yea? Like what? Somebody tell me what an Illegal immigrant will do that I won’t? telling illegal’s it is ok for them to come here and compete with us (Americans) the rightful workers of this country for jobs is essentially giving away OUR money… You know what that does to you, to us? That lowers our potential for decent jobs and good pay, these folks not only get paid under the table but they are not paying any taxes. Then, they send their money in most cases back home to their countries. I am by no means against immigration. In-fact I am very much PRO- immigration…LEGAL IMMIGRATION, people that come here the right way.

So, then he proceeds to ask her that if an employer has 2 people in front of him, one an American citizen and the other an illegal given the executive amnesty and chooses to hire the American, and your Justice Department found out about it, would your justice department take action against that employer…. She all but answers the question… You know what this means? It means that if she gets wind of you or anyone else hiring someone when they are up against an illegal in competing for a job you could have legal action taken against you. She didn’t rule it out. Which means to me it would be in play…

So, Question now is; will the Republican majority in the Senate confirm her? If they do, they have essentially violated their oaths of office, to uphold the constitution and violated their own party principle of UPHOLDING THE RULE OF LAW. Republicans, cannot out of one side of their mouth’s say they are for us lowly little folks, while at the same time confirming someone who is clearly not for helping us, but by helping themselves politically! She has made it clear that she does not believe in the rule of law! Republicans, stand for the rule of law! WE ARE THE PARTY OF THE RULE OF LAW!

But, now for my take on this executive action: If you would recall in Dinesh D’souza’s movie: “2016 Obama’s America” Obama speaks of the worlds troubles coming from colonial powers, America to him is a colonial power, so this action (since he couldn’t even get it through his democratic congress from 2008-2010) he had to go about alone through executive actions, but my theory is that he is doing this to enrich these “poor, colonized countries” through America, because you know, he know, hell, we all know that most of these folks is sending this money back to their own countries. Aint no getting around that there! He is redistributing wealth the best way he can. He needs Loretta Lynch (a simple tool in his tool box) to make it happen, through the actions of the Justice Department.

Knowing, that the Republicans cave to media, he made sure the candidate was black and a woman, so that Republicans wouldn’t want to be seen as anti-woman, and of course as we all know anti-black…. What better way to make that happen then to have them to not approve of Loretta Lynch as the next Attorneys General… I mean of course the media would pick up the bucket of hot water soon as he lets it down… With the hate mongering they do with their viewers. And Republicans will cave, so, while I pressure the Republicans with my lone voice on not going through with this nomination, we all know they will because they don’t want that coat on their backs… Yes, spineless, no nuts having Republicans cave into Obama’s every command just to not be seen as racist, women haters…. We just gotta love em huh?… smh…

The Last Civil Right Blogger Monique Worthy the Conservative Duchess Twitter @MoniqueWorthy

The Last Civil Right Blogger Monique Worthy the Conservative Duchess Twitter @MoniqueWorthy


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