My Divine Valentine

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Celeste Claverie  Blogger/Speaker aka Conservative Creole



God day to you, Beloveds!

On this beautiful Saturday, which is also Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share my Valentine with YOU!

I think I’ll tell you a bit about Him . . .

He Is a Wonderful Counselor, when I need an Ear to Hear my heart’s cry, and the Voice of Reason in the midst of confusion.

He Is a Hightower, when I need a place of refuge and respite from the slings and arrows of this world.

He Is my Father, when I cannot reach the Dad life has given me.

He Is my Brother and my Defender, when I must meet this world’s foes; for the battle is not mine, it is His.

He Is a Friend that sticks closer to me than my brother; therfore, I am never alone.

He Is the Lover and Saviour of my soul and His Spirit resides within me.

He is Lord of my life, since I’ve decided to Follow Him.

His Love is Deeper and Broader than the Universe.

May the Love of your life:
* Cherish you in the example of our Lord with babbling brook and the shade of a thriving Cypress
* Cover you in the example our Lord as His Blood Covers you
* Honor you as our Lord does and does not force His Will upon you
* Bring you Joy as our Lord does in the spirit of Praise and Worship and that of His Presence
* Make you Laugh as our Lord Loves a cheerful heart and it is good medicine
* Love you to depths of your soul and the fill of your spirit as our Lord does
* Protect you as our Lord does, with Shield and Horn; as the Lion of Judah
* Provide for you in the Spirit our Lord does even for the lilies of the field, you want for nothing
* Respect you as our Lord does as He Knocks at the door of your heart and Awaits your answer
* Make you Sing as our Lord delights in a Joyful noise and as He Sings over us

I pray you come to know Him in the fullness that He Walked the earth, Offered Himself to us on the Cross, and Rose to Conquer sin and death.

May His Love Revolutionize your heart, as It did the whole world.

In Light of Who my Divine Valentine Is, I’ll move forward and pray you a Blessed Valentine’s Day!


Divine Valentine


5 thoughts on “My Divine Valentine

    • Thank you my dear. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I think it’s a message we need to hear every so often; to remind us of where our Hope and Salvation resides. Amen!
      Peace to you my Beloved Sister!

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