Juneteenth March for Life in Selma Alabama 2015

Profile picThis June 19th, pro-life clergy, activists, and supporters from across the nation will gather in Selma, Ala.  to rally in protest Samuel Lett, an illegal abortionist and other’s in a state that is not willing to shut down these lawless practitioners of a godless practice.  On June 20th, there will be a walk across the  Pettus Bridge in a show of numbers in diversity, gender and unity to protest these atrocities and demands that the state and other states across the nation hold these abortionist accountable.  While abortion is the law of the land since Roe vs. Wade, pro-life defenders have been the forefront leaders on demanding safety measurements in the practice for years now.  Pro-life isn’t just a concern for the life in the womb, but all life in all stages.

Catherine Davis, a national pro-life spokesperson, author, stated, “Alabama has joined a number of states in turning a blind eye to violations of the law by abortionists. Women – mostly Black and mostly poor – are being subjected to substandard medical care that has left them physically and psychologically injured, and sometimes dead. We demand justice for the babies that are being ripped apart, illegally, every day. We demand justice for the women that have suffered botched abortions in this center.”  via Operation Rescue.

Dr. Alveda King, invites you to join her in Selma, AL and explains Juneteenth in this brief video.

The ladies of The Last Civil Right, has members that will be joining others from around the nation at the Selma, AL rally and march, we look forward to once again standing with our fellow pro-life colleagues from around the nation as we did in 2013 for the Kermit Gosnell press conference and congressional briefing with Star Parker’s organization CURE.  We are humbly asking for prayers and any donations to help us with travel expenses as we fund most our activism causes ourselves or by the gracious donations of others.  Also we want to extend the spirit of generosity and support to Priests for Life and the AAO outreach donations for this most noble endeavor to stand for life, and as Catherine Davis has stated, “a clarion call from God.”  The donation link for TLCR ladies:  http://thelastcivilright.org/donate/ and to make donations for the Selma Juneteenth 2015 rally event, please follow this link: Click.

Thank you and God bless.


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