The Inadequacy of “Thank you”

So, I say ‘Thank you, Sir,, Ma’am, for laying it all on the Line for an imperfect people, living out a wonderful experiment in a world that never wanted us to succeed.


Taxation, Not by my Representation in IL 

Yesterday Illinois Senate Democrats passed a massive tax bill known as SB 9. Senate Bill 9 increases and expands income taxes, expands sales taxes, and increases franchise taxes.  According to Illinois Policy SB 9 does the following: Hikes personal and corporate income taxes by $5 billion. The personal income tax rate increases to 4.95 percent…

Facebook: Their Hypocritical Community Standards and Policies

***Warning Graphic Content*** We’ve seen a lot of posts about how Facebook seems to be going after Conservatives and leaning left these days. I myself have seen and experienced this numerous times on my own Facebook Page. Due to my Conservative views and being a Black Female Conservative working within the Republican Party, I have…