The Inadequacy of “Thank you”

This is taken from a Note I wrote on Facebook for Memorial Day 2016.

America has many problems.

For all of her problems, though, I am able to voice my discontent, assemble to protest, worship as I please, attend school; start & succeed or fail at owning my own business, work in whatever field of endeavour of my own choosing & earn as much or as little money as I choose, vote; and marry a man whom I Love.

These are among the many Freedoms I enjoy as endowed by my Creator, Elohim, and supported by the brave men and women who serve this Nation, keeping us, for the Time being, freer than any other country that has ever existed.

As with all rights and responsibilities, the keeping of those requires a shedding of blood by those who have, voluntarily, taken an oath to defend & protect those freedoms delineated in our Constitution. With the shedding of blood, there are those who’ve shed every single drop of theirs – many on foreign soil – very far away from home.

It is to those Warriors whom I give honor and thanks right now. Without you, your sacrifice through the Centuries, there would not be an America. The words, ‘ thank you,’ seem so very inadequate compared to your sacrifice, but they are what we have …

So, I say ‘Thank you, Sir, Ma’am, for laying it all on the Line for an imperfect people, living out a wonderful experiment in a world that never wanted us to succeed.

Thank you for keeping my daughter and me safe; my family, my friends & acquaintances; and even my enemies, safe.
• For moving through your Fear – I Thank you.
• For protecting our interests abroad – I Thank you.
• For doing what many of us refused to do – I Thank you.
• For protecting us here, at home – I Thank you.
• For doing the ‘ugly, dirty work’ required to maintain our Freedom, in war and in times of peace – I Thank you.
• For loving this Nation and supporting the idea of a better one with your Life – I Thank you.
And the Warriors left behind, those whom you are Married to, those whom you’ve Fathered, those whom you’ve been a son or daughter to; to them, I say, “Thank you” as they have served and given their all, as well.

To honor your sacrifice, courageous soldiers, I promise to do my part so that neither your Life, your works, nor your death will have been in vain.
– End of Watch –
G-d Bless your Rest.

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