Death for Progress

Cultivating a CULTure of Death for Progress by Progressives purposeful or inadvertently?


There are many that will die,and have died for a cause or other’s security and their lives to flourish in freedom in this nation and around the globe. They were brave, noble and self-sacrificing to the greatest extent. From the revolutionary war to the Civil rights movement of the 60’s, America has had citizens that with free will, gave their lives for the betterment of others, and the nation to progress. But along with what many will agree as to noble yet tragic still deaths, there are those in a power of influence that advocate death and violence through their words combined with the fact that they are viewed as leaders among their peers and fans.

These are your democrat progressives and their seemingly adoration of death, they’ve  cultivated a culture of death throughout the years in this nation by deeds and words.  For example:

 “There are generations of people..that have to die.” Oprah Winfrey on racism 2013

In 2013 Oprah Winfrey was giving an interview about the movie, The Butler, during that interview she spoke about racism, and in one segment of that interview, she stated (in its entirety); “There are still generation of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism and they just have to die.”

Racism isn’t ‘natural’, suggesting that it is learned, as many researchers and behavior study scientists have said, but I personally don’t believe prejudices nor racism will “die” with a generation. I believe that there will always be those that will have prejudices and those that are racists and many that will continue to propagate false stereotypes. Racism also does not only apply to Caucasians being racists either. There are Blacks, African-Americans that are racist themselves, not only have they fostered generations of offspring that were bred on the tales of racists atrocities of the past, but they were raised to view anyone not Black or African-American as an enemy, many biases and prejudices passed on to the next generation.  I remember hearing how the Jews were our enemy because they came into our neighborhoods in Chicago and their businesses thrived while ours (Blacks) did not. Jews were always trying to “get one over” on the people for their financial enrichment.  The races and ethnicities would change over the years, but one thing they shared in common I noticed was the pigmentation or lack therefore of in their skin tone.  As long as man is alive evil will thrive among us.

Older people need to die out before climate science advances” Bill Nye on Climate Change 2017″ via Washington Examiner

Bill Nye while giving an interview to Patt Morrison at the L.A. Times Idea exchange events at the Ace Theater in Los Angeles, stated: “Climate change deniers by way of example are older. It’s generational. So we’re just going to have to wait for those people to ‘age out,’ as they say. ‘Age out’ is euphemism for ‘die.’ But it’ll happen, I guarantee you…that’ll happen.”  read more via: Los Angles Times

While the first part of the above quote was about those that are afraid, people that are scared are older.  To me free does not discriminate by age, race nor gender.  People that are generally fearful, or frightened will take action if that is what is necessary to eradicate the threat. Not all, to be honest we will always have the doers and non doers in society.  I believe that those deniers that Nye speaks of, are those that have not been convinced with solid and substantial proven theories of climate change in the manner of Nye’s and his fellow supporters view it.  The article by Patt Morrison was very enlightening and straight forward, don’t hate the messenger by the way, after all knowledge is power.  There is also a statement in the article made by Nye during the interview at the event regarding vaccinations. Nye stated,

And for all you anti-vaxxers out here, you have to get vaccinated. I don’t care about you. If you go ahead and get sick and die, knock yourself out. The reason I insist you get vaccinated is to protect me from you. Me!”

Ever notice that democrat progressives have a need for people to die for advancement, seemingly more so among their elites?

To me, that really supports the thought that they don’t believe in free will, nor see evil for what evil is amongst men biblically. There will always be those that will feel, think and behave a certain way towards others or something regardless of what generation they belong to, right or wrong.  This often communicated mindset of ‘death to eradicate’ personally evokes thoughts of just why their party has had, and still does,  such dangerous activists, leaders, and supporters such as the KKK and now Antifa.  As well as members of cultish ideologies that reign terror across the globe and join forces with them [Progressive Democrats] here in America!

It appears, and some would say it is very apparent that if they can’t get over it, around it, live with it in spite of ‘it’, then ‘it’ must be eradicated by any means necessary. That is also why perhaps abortion is not seen as evil, but a necessity for some to progress further with their own lives and its own selfish enrichment.  Abortion after all to many a progressive democrat supporter of the evil practice is only removing a blob not a life it is a blob, clump of cells, not a life taking form.  Mind you, that same ‘blob of cells,’  they were formed from, to now in their ‘gloriously formed’ being, stand on a platform and encourage, advocate, and suggest purposefully or inadvertently for the death of another, think Madonna, or Kathy Griffin for the purportedly “didn’t mean to imply” so-sayers. But they are another topic for another day. 

What we need more of in America is how do we continue to cultivate a society reared upon the belief of  personal growth and success regardless of one’s age, gender, race, ethnicity and yes political affiliation.  How do we eliminate what is one of the most pressing issues in this nation, at the root of all that is evil, eradicate the culture of death by illegal criminal actions such as taking another’s life for a pair of sneakers, a cell phone, or the color of their skin, as well as that such as abortion a legalized right to death for the most vulnerable?


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