Can We as the Republican Party Do Better?



Before I became active in politics, I did what normal Black children do when it came time for me to be able to vote and followed Family Tradition. As many Black families in the US, my family is mostly registered Democrat . I later switched to being an Independent while I was in the Military, then switched to the Republican Party and became a Precinct Committeeman in my hometown in order to work within the Arizona Republican Party . I am currently serving as a Member-At-Large on the Executive Committee  for the Pima County Republican Party in Arizona.

While working within the Republican Party here in Arizona walking my Precinct as a Precinct Committeeman should do within our Legislative Districts, I began to hear many reasons of why people were not happy within the Party, and many were thinking about either switching Parties to being Independent, had already switched, or just not voting at all until the Presidential Election. The majority of the people I spoke with all seem to echo the same thing.
1. They feel that the Republican Party has left them
2. They can’t afford to be a part of the Republican Party
3. They don’t identify with the State or National Level of the Republican Party and their hard-line stances on things such as Legalization of Marijuana, Abortion, and Gay Marriage.

As a person who has always been inquisitive my entire life, I research as much as I can and like to get information straight from the horse’s mouth. I do not care for “he said/she said”, when it comes to information that I chose to share with others. That being said, not only do I follow what my own Party is doing, I also follow what the Democrat Party is doing as well. I will attend their events and I am signed up for both Parties’ email alerts. On November 7, 2017 I received this email from the Democrat Party.

“Sender: Tom Perez
Date: Tue, Nov 7, 2017
Subject: This is just the beginning

Because of you, Democrats just won big tonight in Virginia and New Jersey! What we’re doing is working.

This election cycle, the Democratic National Committee invested more in boots on the ground and grassroots and digital organizing than in any “off-year” before. Good old-fashioned organizing paired with the latest technology and tools helped put our candidates over the top.

I am so proud of the campaigns run by Virginia’s Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring, New Jersey’s Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver, and Democrats all over the country, up and down the ballot. These candidates worked hard day in and day out fighting to represent their states, and I know that they will take that same spirit and fight into their terms.

But here’s the thing: All of this is just the beginning.

We are going to keep investing in state parties and supporting Democrats from the school board to the Oval Office. And if we continue to channel our energy into powering this movement, there’s no doubt in my mind that we will see wins like this in 2018, 2020, and beyond.

If you’re even half as fired up as I am, chip in $10 or more right now to keep electing Democrats.
Thanks. Keep up the hard work and let’s keep winning.
Tom Perez 
Democratic National Committee

After reading this email, I had to sit and ponder on it for a bit. What is it that the Democrat Party is doing that the Republican Party is not? The only answer I could come up with was that they are able to reach the people in a way that the Republican Party is not. I also came to the realization that the people I had spoken with on my Precinct walks as a Committeeman, may actually have some valid reasons for why they feel the way they do.

The Republican Party at all levels are not reaching their people as they should, and it’s leaving registered Republicans confused, left out, and angry. In my personal opinion this would be a big area where the Republican Party is FAILING not only people already in the Party, but future members that they could possibly reach as well!

The Democrats send out emails like these NUMEROUS times a week to their people. They encourage their people to start at the BOTTOM to change things at the TOP! They encourage their people to get involved in everything from PTA Meetings and their local School Boards all the way up to running for major Political Offices. This is something I have been screaming about and encouraging the Republican Party to do for years now!

The Democrats don’t ask their people for hundreds of dollars in donations either! They ask them for small amounts in increments of 5, 10, and 25 dollars. They grasp the concept that a lot of little donations mount up in the end! The Democrats host events  that are often free or cost very little for low and medium income families with free food and children’s activities, so everyone can feel like they are a part of the party! They are often tied to fundraisers and things that benefit the Community, especially the Low Income and Minorities.

The last email invite I received from our Republican Party was an invite to an Awards Dinner in Phoenix which is actually 2 hours away from my home, that cost 200.00 for an individual ticket. Republican Party events often cost 45.00 to 200.00 per person. Not very many people can afford to pay this all of the time just to attend an event. You also have to include gas, a sitter if you have children, and a second ticket should you have a spouse. At times you may have to purchase appropriate attire as well, as most functions are not jeans, T-Shirt, and flip-flops or come as you are! These type of events are all good and well, BUT…. They tend to ostracize Minority, Medium Income, and Low Income people who are indeed Registered Voters within the Republican Party!

The Democrats are also utilizing Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, YouTube, Instagram, and another Social Network called Medium very well. They started hosting home meetings with live feeds for those who can’t attend meetings during major Elections, and utilizing other technology to reach their people and get them more involved! By doing so, they reach a lot more younger folks than we do, because they are seen as the hip and up to date party.

The Republican Party really needs to start looking at the other side’s strategies and how they work, if we are going to maximize the Parties potential! We also have to play “catch up” when it comes to Social Media, current apps, and technology; especially if we are going to reach more people under the age of 30 in today’s day and age. When it comes to donors and money, YES… It is important to have big donors and pay tribute to them like we do here in Pima County with our Trunk and Tusk Club, but the entire Party should not be built on or based around the rich. The rich are not the Majority of Republicans in this Nation, the “little folks” are!

Some people may view this as me putting my own Party down, but I do not view it as such! I see it as acknowledging and addressing that we have a problem, and coming up with ways to solve the issue in order to make the Party better and more effective! We will not move forward if we ignore these things and keep going the way that we have been!


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4 thoughts on “Can We as the Republican Party Do Better?

  1. The Republican Party survives despite their best suicide attempts.
    What you have said about outreach is exactly right, but it isn’t the only problem.
    I used to consider myself a Republican. No longer. I am a registered independent, and i will not give a dime of my hard earned money to the republican party on either the state or national level. This is not because i disagree with the Republican party, because most of the time I do not disagree. In fact, most of the time I tend to vote Republican. However, far too often it is because the republican candidate is the lesser of evils, and not because I stand behind the Republican candidate. I cannot remember the last time I voted FOR a Republican and not just against the Democrat.
    At best, Republicans are cowards, afraid of their own shadows and scared to death that someone on the left might call them names. We see this all the time – some prominent Democrat comes out and publically says something outrageous, and we get almost no response from the republicans. If we do, it is usually a weak sentiment of apology for disagreeing with the other side. We also see this legislatively. Democrats will put out a bill with drastic change and overreach, and the first thing the republicans do is start talking compromise instead of sending the thing back to the democrats with a “HELL NO” attached to it. Republicans complain about things, but make no effort to change them. An example – Republicans like to talk about how bad and unfair our tax system is. But when was the last time someone proposed serious change? It has never happened. You say you don’t like the IRS, so abolish the IRS already. You say you support the flat tax, so put forth legislation already! And keep hammering on it until it passes. But no they cannot do that because some democrat might talk smack about them.
    Republicans bow at the altar of consensus. Here is what Margaret Thatcher had to say about that – the Republicans should take heed.
    “Consensus: “The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner: ‘I stand for consensus?”
    Republicans are also hypocrites. They love to bellow about limited government, but in fact do not really believe in limited government. As I always say, republicans love Big Government just as much as Democrats, just different Big Government. In other words, Big Government that benefits them more than it does the Democrats.The best example is of course, George W Bush creating the Department of Homeland Security, and the Transportation Security Agency, growing the size and scope of government more than any other President in recent history. Democrats should be proud of old George for creating what has amounted to another handout line for unionized government employees who are largely incompetent but cannot be fired. Just the other day in the news it was reported that the TSA missed 95% of the weapons and bombs that the government tried to sneak through airport security. And yet look at how much money this department sucks up from the budget – for what? Living up to their name apparently – THUGS STANDING AROUND. Where I work, if my department had a 5% effectiveness rate, it would have been eliminated yesterday and everyone fired. PERIOD.
    Republicans are corrupt. Like their democrat counterparts, they will say one thing and do another. The most recent example is John McCain, posterboy for term limits and dirtbag extrordinaire. Anyone ever wonder why the leftist media loves him? It’s because his moniker “Maverick” means RINO – Republican In Name Only. Most current republicans are RINOS who care more about advancing their own careers and bank accounts than they do conservative politics. Ever wonder why they vote the way they do? FOLLOW THE MONEY. They don’t give a damn about the regular person because they are too busy collecting money from fat cats during these same fundraisers you just criticised – the $200 a ticket dinners in Phoenix. And if that means they vote against conservatism, so be it. They get richer and more powerful, and they know that most of those idiot republican voters who voted for them in the first place will continue to do so just because there is an R next to their name. Oh, and they do look at the voters as being idiots and fools who will believe anything they say if it means not voting for the Democrat. That is why they behave the way they do – no accountability – the GOP establishment keeps giving them money and support and the idiot electorate keeps re-electing them. There is no excuse for people like John Mccain to have remained in office as long as he has.
    If all this doesn’t resonate, just look at how the national GOP is fighting President Trump. Donald Trump was elected primarily because he was not all these things that establishment republicans are. He is not a “Business As Usual” Republican politician. A true outsider. He is rich, so he doesn’t need this job to grow his bank account. And enough of an asshole to tell people exactly what he thinks of them instead of some politically correct drivel that most republicans vomit when they speak. He is what the people wanted, and look at how the GOP establishment is fighting him. This should tell you all you need to know about the GOP.
    The GOP always wins when they stand up for conservatism. But too often they give us Democrat Lite. They offer us a “kinder, gentler” liberalism. Sorry morons, you cannot out liberal a liberal Democrat. Nor should you try. You cannot refuse to get down and dirty with democrats and expect to win. Then you wonder why you lose, when you give us spineless, gutless, politically correct stuffed suits who are bought and paid for by the national party as candidates. Until the GOP has the courage to stand up for true conservative, small government principles, they will continue to lose elections, and they deserve to.

  2. These are all great ideas. The Republican party seems to be content with letting the left define what conservatism is, instead of educating the people. I agree that we need to do more to reach out to low and middle income families. I also agree that we need to do a better job of using technology. I feel that we need to do a better job of using the media to get out message out, and not just to preach to the choir. Take out ad time on liberal stations and shows and spend that minute explaining why conservatism is best for our country.

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