The authors are all independent, outspoken advocates with conservative principles and are not fearful to state an opinion.

Babette Holder-Youngberg aka Musingsfromthegirlontheright

babette new blog pic

Babette Holder-Youngberg is one of the co-founder of “ThelastCivilRights.org”, a group of Christian-Conservative women who are political commentators and advocates for the principles of limited government, individual freedom, and a strong free market. In addition to her role as Co-Founder of the LastCivilRight.org blog site, Babette has appeared on Radio shows such as, WLS-AM talk radio on Stephanie Webber-Trussell & Laura Kelly Show, Stanley Levy’s Black Man Thinkin, Inside The Beltway-Star Parker’s CURE show, and Nothing But The Truth with host Carl Boyd Jr.  Babette as a public speaker and activist has stood with national black leaders at events such as press conference with Star Parker for the Urban CURE’s second Amendment Never again press conference, and the Kermit Gosnell Press Conference with a congressional briefing in 2013, and the National Black Pro-life coalition in Chicago for Remembering Tonya Reaves/Abortion Activism. Babette is also a precinct committeewoman in Milton Township of DuPage County  Babette is a dedicated servant who is an uncompromising champion of the unalienable rights of all Americans, with an emphasis on sanctity of life.

Kuuleme T. Stephens


Kuuleme Stephens was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and she has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She is one of the Co-Founders of The Last Civil Right and a co-author of a newly released book titled “The White Folks Guide to Understanding the Black Community, and Get Out the Vote”. She is also a member of the Tea Party, the Disabled American Veterans, the NRA, an Arizona Republican Committeewoman, and a proud United States Navy Veteran. Her articles have been featured on Red White and Blue News, Herman Cain PAC, Enidnews.com, Rightlinksblogs.com, Amplify.com, The Conservative Praetorian, The Rowdy Republican, and many others. She is known for her “pit bull” personality and does not back down. She is comfortable in all forums and excels in debating with Liberals. Where most people chose to end a conversation, because they see it as Liberals are not worth their time in a debate, Kuuleme sees it as her golden chance educate them. Kuuleme has a record of converting Liberals into Independents on her Facebook Page and that is considered a very big thing in the Black Community, and for the Conservative Movement. She takes a lot of heat being a Black Conservative, but is very thick skinned and keeps on fighting for her core beliefs. No one seems to be able to intimidate her and she proves very vocal and knowledgeable in her views. Kuuleme serves as the mouth piece on Radio for The Last Civil Right because of her very vocal and take no prisoners style. She is a Conservative Independent, not a Republican, as her co-authors on the Last Civil Right. People often get that confused because most of her views and stances are leaning Republican. Kuuleme is a high demand TV and Radio guest and never fails to jam the call in lines.  Connect with Kuuleme on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kuulemetstephens

Atarah Golden

AtarahAtarah Golden was born in Germany, raised in Camden, New Jersey and currently resides in Northeastern Maryland. Golden is an education major at Cecil College. After taking an interest in politics, she became active in writing.  Now as the co-founder of The Last Civil Right and a contributor for TheCollegeConservative, her work has been recognized by the likes of Alfonzo Rachel and Bill Whittle.


Celeste Claverie aka “Conservative Creole”

Celeste-bioCeleste Claverie, a Christian Lady in the Lord, who bears the mark of Christ’s Blood on her soul. As a Christian Conservative, she values most, her Godly Heritage; and as a Republican, her American heritage is also important to her. She fights alongside others to defend the Faith, and with like-minded Americans to preserve the Constitution and freedoms of this great experiment.

Celeste is a native New Orleanian, whose experiences as a result of hurricane Katrina, strengthened her belief that every life is meaningful and has value. Those events moved to congeal her resolve to protect life at every stage of development and maturity. Gifted in the area of Administration, she partners and collaborates with her fellow abolitionists in the Pro-life Movement and other arenas, to bring their various endeavors to secure life and dignity, to fruition.In addition to always seeking God and Truth in everything, working on behalf of the unborn, the underserved and all Americans, she has made media appearances as Speaker on “Freedom’s Journal, with Host, Lonnie Poindexter” – 2014, Speaker on “Black Man Thinkin’ with Host, Stanley Levy” – 2014, “Source Radio Network Wednesday Night News with Host, K. LaShea” – 2014, “Pro Life Fridays with Thomas Duane Smith“ – 2012, 2013, 2014; was Guest Co-host on “Reality in Christ Ministries Radio show”- 2013, 2014; and an interview with “What Ricky Wants To Know Is:” – 2013.Her passion for America and her resolve to fight for her survival was awakened when she read among correspondence between the Founding Fathers that the abolition of Slavery was not an afterthought. Recognizing that America is a nation with a myriad of issues, the one issue we must greatly comprehend is that we are born Free and subject to no one, save the Lord, Himself.“If we work together; through Godly Wisdom and Grace, much prayer and sacrifice, we will jointly see Victory on the other side of the war.”

Monique Worthy


Monique Worthy is an LGBT Republican, born in Wichita Falls, Tx; Raised in Fort Worth, Tx. She is a 25 year old fierce conservative. Loves Politics more than anything save, God and her family. She first got into politics during the 2007-08 elections that would see Barack H. Obama as the next President. Listening to talk radio -(she is quite a big fan of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Robert Pratt of Pratt on Texas ( a local station)). She has become the most educated person on politics in her circle of family and friends, and is very proud of that. (That she knows of) Any time a friend or family member has a question about politics; Monique is the first they ask. She loves talking politics to anyone who will hear her, loves working with children, while at the same time teaching them the greatness of their country. She will tell you her sexuality has nothing to do with her politics. But, is a plus when it comes to people saying how “not so” diverse the Republican Party is. People have often called her a walking contradiction: “that one could be lgbt, black, poor, and a felon… inside the republican party?”. She would always tell them she is for the good of ALL American’s NOT, just lgbt, blacks, or poor people. She is not afraid, ashamed or quiet about her past, doesn’t hold back on anything, very open and doesn’t mind a fight, loves a good debate and thanks to a close friend by the name of Stacy Sample she has honed her skills at debates, she counts Stacy as her political mother and loves her as if she was her real mother. She hates to be called African-American, will tell you in a New York second, that she has never been to Africa doesn’t even know what Africa look like except for a map. She is American. A darker skinned American but an American nonetheless. Monique is ALL about politics, some would even tell you she breathes, eats, drink, and sleep politics. It’s all that’s around her every day. Close friends would tell you: “all Monique listens to is church music and politics”… She has been told she has an old soul, she has been called the “youngest granny I know” by one of her close friends. Friends would get in her car and ask to listen to the radio, when she turns it on, its politics… They ask “ dang, is this all you listen to” She would say “don’t complain, this is probably the most you’ll be educated today…hush, listen and ride…take away some knowledge.” Monique is loved by everyone that comes in contact with her, doesn’t mince words, doesn’t hide feelings, loves speaking her mind and doesn’t mind losing a few friends over her “right-flank” politics.

Comments or opinions expressed on the blog are those of their respective contributors only.


74 thoughts on “About

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  2. This is a great site/endeavor. I love the the non.stereotypical conservative (the angry old white guy) . You are a rare &special group . Here’s to a fervent cons wish….Dr. Ben Carson
    running for president and you great women as his campaign staff . Now that is some real hopenchange!! Love you all ! Gary…. Blue Oregon

  3. The concept of a person whose roots trace back to a less compassionate federal order, who thinks less government is a good thing leaves me rattled. America, like old Greece has states as opposed provinces which differ in order as one country from another. Taking the power from a beautifully, resembling a devinely Iinspired order , jeopardizes civil rights for all of us. Please, sisters, do not sacrifice a system under which we have checks and balances that is surety of a fight against corporatocracy, bogus theocracy which is not an eccumenical order. Politics is not a place for winning a popularity contest at the cost of the truly oppressed. You all look like my family who have over and over been failed by municipalities and individual state governments who are intractible in their desire to maintain “good old boy politics”. How can any of us in good conscience call ourselves conservatives when all of us are not what we should be.

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  5. Ladies, like you give me hope for this country. Stay strong and true !!! We, especially all of you have an uphill battle.

  6. You ladies are in my prayers.. I think as you all become more visible, I think you risk being targeted and maybe even dangerous for you to be so anti PC .. God Bless you and I pray for abundant blessing for you and your group and His protection for you all….

  7. THANK YOU!!! I am a white southern male conservative, I work for a mostly black Community Health Center and have many black friends. Outside work when I speak up against the President I am called RACIST, But what did that make me when I spoke up against things GWB did? You have given me hope for better race relations because you also hold views like mine that are based on GOD and nothing more. One thing we must all work on is that many black people I know support Obama because he is black. I dont care about color, My dream President is Col. Allen West, its about moral value and to be honest I dont like Romney either but he is closer to my Christian Values than any one else running. Thank you again and please email me with any thoughts that might help me reach out to my friends and co-workers that its not about rACE it is about JESUS CHRIST

  8. I have read several posts by different authors, and I am impressed and inspired by the rationality of the subject matter. Keep up the fight. Conservatism needs more ladies like you.



  10. WOW. Where to begin after all that, lol.
    1st – Today I found HOPE.
    2nd – America doesn’t have a “SKIN” problem, America has a “SIN” problem! (not my words and I can’t remember the preacher’s name I heard say that)
    3rd – When “Kimbroughs” said, “Regardless of where you stand in life and where you go in life, your heritage is and will always be black; whether you support black or not.” It sounds to me that she (for some reason) see’s and feels a “need” to stay reminded (and thus connected to) past generations’ hurt and the struggles, the poverty and ALL that encompasses that.
    4th – Imagine if we as a people treated people of German heritage as if they themselves performed the hate crimes of their ancestors. Should they live their life in shame for the sake of “acknowledging the heritage?
    5th – My skin is white. Should I “remember my heritage” and live in shame because of what “my people” did? (Have I mentioned yet that I’m from the south?) I guess I should have a double-dose of shame?
    I LOVED everyone of y’alls responces to that post. Her viewpoint was a good example of a “single race – heritage” mindset alive in the present instead of simply remaining a human being, planet Earth history lesson.
    My #2 up there sums all of this up! We are all God’s creation and thus ONE RACE – the HUMAN RACE.
    All of us can search and find something that has happend to us and something that we have done as races or tribes – however ya wanta look at it.
    We’ve hurt each other. We’ve hurt ourselves. People exploit those actions for selfish reasons.
    It can ALL, EVERY BIT OF IT – be traced to SIN because sinful acts begin as sinful thoughts and sinful judgments.

    Keep it up ladies!
    Agape ❤

  11. I’ve really grown tired of everything being about race. This is the UNITED States of America. There is no Hyphen in there, there is no color mentioned, I am not German, Cherokee, Irish, English American, I am simply AMERICAN, and if you can not see a fellow Citizen as such then I’m sorry, but you are a racist yourself, and quite frankly an idiot. Remove yourself from the Government teet, learn to think, get over yourself, and life will be oh so good. Last I checked we all bleed the same color.

  12. Your comments and your views are very selfish towards other blacks who do not support your agenda. While you all may have made it up the ladder how ever it be, there are others who did not make it. There are other elderly people some who are your relatives who did not make it and are dependent upon assistance. You are among the elitist who frown and look down on those who did not escape. Regardless of where you stand in life and where you go in life, your heritage is and will always be black; whether you support black or not. I think about Herman Cain and other afluent black men who made it and turned their backs on blacks as a whole. Herman Cain’s run for the white house came to an end by the very people who he turned to for support. Tiger Woods ex wife took him to the cleaners, Oj simpson lelft his black wife and family for a white woman, now he is imprisoned by white men for associating with them.

    • Kim, what makes you think we have all “made it up the ladder?” My conservatism has nothing to do with the amount of money I make; my conservatism stems from my relationship with God. Of course people fall on hard times; I know all about hard times. I’m going through it right now, but I’m not going to sit here and give you my sob story.

      I was never a big fan of Herman Cain’s but I appreciated his background. He came from absolutely nothing, just as Tyler Perry (who was homeless) and Ben Carson (who came from a poor, single-parent home) and that’s just to name a few. It’s not about “turning our backs on other blacks,” it’s about personal responsibility. I am struggling to pay my school bills, and a few other things, but I don’t expect anyone to do it for me.

      It sounds to me like you’re just hateful, period; towards whites and towards blacks who are conservative or Republicans. And I came to that conclusion because it sounds like you’re angry at Tiger Woods and OJ Simpson because they dated or married someone who wasn’t black (Tiger Woods is bi-racial, by the way). So, it doesn’t sound like there’s a whole lot I can do for you, except hope that you get help for your anger and hatred.

      God bless.

    • Just because we don’t speak the Liberal Language or live by the Socialist Liberal Handbook of the Democrat Party here at The Last Civil Right, does not mean we have turned our backs on our Black Community Kim. I too, am an author here on The Last Civil Right and I have not “made it” either. I am a struggling parent of three beautiful girls. One of my own and two nieces that I have legal guardianship of. I am not where I want to be in this life at this time, but I work hard to attain my goals and DO NOT expect anyone to give me anything. I was raised by my Great Grandmother who just turned 98 this year. She taught me to work hard for what I want, and not rely on others to do it for me. She also introduced me to the Church as a young child. She is (and I am guessing) a lot older than you. She was around for all of the racist eras, except for slavery, and doesn’t hold the ideals that you seem to hold. She doesn’t have a racist bone in her body, yet she probably had a tougher time growing up in Texas, than most of the Blacks that I know. The problem with our Black Community today is that we expect it all to be done for us instead of putting on our big girl panties and doing it ourselves. Those Civil Rights Leaders that the Left claims to believe in so much are rolling over in thier graves as we speak seeing all of thier hard work going down the toilet. They worked hard to proove that we as a Black Community are equal, yet everything that the Black Community is saying today is “We Can’t” and “Give Me”. It hurts the Black Community even more now because we instill in our children early on that they have failed before they even have a chance to get started. We here at The Last Civil Right would like to see our Black Community build itself up not tear itself down. And as far as your RACIST REMARKS, I am married to a White man and my child is mixed. I didn’t choose him because of his color, I chose him because of who he is on the inside. Racism will never end if our Black Community doesn’t drop it too. You’re ending remarks and references to Herman Cain, Tiger Woods, and O.J. Simpson, made you sound completly racist and ignorant. We as a Black Community need to start taking some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY. Stop blaming others for our failures, learn from our mistakes, and move forward. Until the Black Community realizes that and put it in to action, then we as a community will continue to slide backwards.

    • Kimbroughs, I beg to differ, my relatives are the type that whether or not they needed assistance, they made it, “pulled through” on their own. Granted I’m 2nd generation American from descendants of Jamaica and Italy, so I guess they came with that staunch attitude of America being a land where if you work hard, and follow God, anything is possible. I don’t count myself among the elitist by any means, but sadly those that have the misconceived perception that all conservatives are wealthy that see us as elitist, non-charitable, and cold people. We are actually the exact opposite of your long standing propagandized perceptions. Conservatives you will find are the ones fighting for all Americans to have the opportunity and true assistance to succeed and flourish. Conservatives want people to have the freedoms to live a prosperous as well as a fulfilling life without those that don’t want to stand on their own feet encroaching on your hard earned liberties as granted by the bill of rights, and if you are a believer, that which is directed by the bible. What I find irrational is that you are stating our comments and views are selfish towards other blacks, when we are trying to enlighten and inform everyone, regardless of color. Oh and let’s get one thing clear Tiger Woods and OJ Simpson are not the type of people we look too for inspiration here, and Herman Cain being a political choice of my own personal regard was not a hero to me, nor a perfect man (what human being is there that is perfect) but I don’t think his supporters brought his presidential bid to a halt, more like those with your mindset that got scared. Kimbroughs, I suggest you read with an open mind and seriously think about where you’re placing your blame and belief. “He who casts the first stone..”

  13. You ladies have the most awesome opportunity to bridge the gap for your race, bring them out of the enslavement the government has impossed upon them. Beginning with acceptance of whatever life has delt you, no matter of who you are, and personal responsiblity. Life is not fair, nor balanced. However, each of us has freedom to make life what we want it to be. I have heard the saying “you are where you are, because that is where you have choosen to be”. Some people have a more difficult time than others because of economic issues, abuse, whatever it may be. However, once you become an adult, you have the ability in you to choose to change your life or not. To harp on your past, or your race, or your economic status or to embrace life and move forward to reach the goals you before only dreamed of. Both my husband and I have siblings that have choosen to embrace the “poor me” attitude that so often comes with troubled times. They are expecting someone else to take care of them because somehow they deserve it. They have missed the opportunity to enjoy life for what it has to offer. So why is it that my husband and I have choosen to pull ourselves out of a devistating past and become responsible citizens who have raised 5 responsible children while our siblings are still expecting the government to save them from themselves? Personal choice! I choose to be free! Thank you for doing what you do. Your efforts will help many people to make the right choices in life.

    • Thank you Christina! Your children are blessed to have you and your husband as parents. I wish more had the opportunity to learn the valuable lesson of doing for yourself and to not depend on government for things because for every token handout you lose a large portion of your freedom.

  14. It’s so funny/sad/hopeless that the left claims Martin Luther King as their hero … when it’s actually the wonderful women of this conservative site that represent him best today. We know he fought for the civil rights that by nature belong to black people but were stupidly denied by the government. Yet he also understood that these rights belonged to all people and that, some day, the colors of America should disappear and that people should be united not by the superficial nature of race but on the idealogical grounds of freedom and liberty for all. This is what you ladies are doing. You are the legacy of King!

    Zora Neale Hurston wrote the novel “Mules and Men” about the state of black women in America, how their place in life was even worse off than that of the black man. Well, the women of this site are not mules … you are a voice to be reckoned with … you are a voice that can change America. May God bless you and be with you.

  15. I am very proud of all of you! Keep fighting the good fight! I’ve read quite a bit of the content and let me tell you, I was cheering out loud. You all have a fan in me, and I’m very glad to know some of you. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and fight for what is right, and against all that is wrong with this, the greatest country on Earth.

  16. Oh my goodnesss! I can’t believe the content on this blog! Where have you ladies been all my life?? I am thoroughly impressed! God bless ALL of you for standing for TRUTH & not being afraid to express it!! I’m a Christian Conservative Hispanic female living in liberal New England. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who automatically assume I’m also a liberal simply because I happen to be a woman of color who was born & raised here. You are a breath of fresh air, and keep up the good work!

  17. Just discovered your website. It’s awesome. More power to ya.. Wish I were a woman; I’d proudly submit some writings myself–uh, well, no…never mind. That didn’t sound right.

  18. Awesome to see that that conservatism involves all races, creeds, and other facets of life. These women, unfortunately are the antithesis to other many other woman who believe government is their life line.

  19. Thank you Zan for the information,thank you also Dale,Derrick,Michael,and UsneakydevilU. We always want our readers to be well informed, and willing to embrace other values instead of liberalism. Along with the truth. We are very blessed for the amazing and wonderful feedback we have recieved concerning our project.All of you are God sent for sure. There is more to come. Please be patient with us, as we are also wives,and mother’s.Our duties are to our families first.We do not apologize for that.However, we do apologize for the delays that will come when posting new blogs.Thank you again, and God bless you all each and everyday!!

  20. Some of the strongest women on the web. Love you all. I look forward to reading your articles daily. Intelligence, beauty, and a love for God….. what more could you ask for. Thank you for all you do for America. True patriots.

  21. I came across your gift of a blog, read a few post and thought to myself, finally a home away from home. I’m a black male who as a boy thought silly liberal thoughts, but as a man grew into a more conservative mind. I handle my enemies just fine but you ladies show me that I’m not alone in this battle.

    My blog UsneakydevilU was nominated by a reader for the Liebster Blog Award and I was asked to nominate 5 blogs I like and The Last Civil Right is one. Don’t know much about award, just know that your blog “gives”, and I truly appreciate that. You are a new fav! God is truly good!

    • Hi UsneakydevilU! Thank you for the kind words for the group, and once again I make your acquaintance! You left some very kind comments on my other blog musingsfromthegirlontheright too! This is a group of “tell it like it is females that appreciate your support!

  22. Thank you everyone for the love and support to our site. Please keep America, our military,and the leaders in your prayers. The battle is just beginning, and we have much to do. Keep sharing,keep informing,and keep going. A special shout out to all my co-bloggers. I appreciate you ladies very much.God is setting the stage for us,and we are getting ready to go far,God bless America!!

  23. Thank you to all the ladies on this site who write. As an American Citizen, I am honored to call you sisters. Color does not matter. I appreciate your truth and pray you continue to keep it coming. GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

  24. We’re all trying to swim against a pretty strong current. But in the end, hopefully in our life times, we will prevail. I’m thrilled to say that our local group was just written up in an op-ed in our local paper. http://www.gazette.com/opinion/black-129701-town-hall.html

    Our group is in its infancy & we’re trying HARD. If you haven’t yet, please do “like” our facebook. http://www.facebook.com/rmbtp.

    (sorry for the self-promotion)

  25. Though I’ve been in touch with a couple of you individually, I just now found thelastcivilright.org. Great site. (though lacking in black/conservative voices from the male side of the isle!!) Its all good. Don’t ever let them silence you sisters. Keep the fight, keep the faith.

  26. OK, Kuuleme, apparently I offended you.

    Didn’t mean to. I really am interested in your site. I’ve linked to it on my site.

    You might, or might not, find my site interesting.

    I’ll continue to read The Last Civil Right.

  27. Wow, What a great blog. I am a white, conservative Christian woman who lives in the South and you girls have my vote.

    The unjust onslaught of slander at Herman Cain is one of the most unfair character prejudices I have ever witnessed. He would make a great President!

  28. Kuuleme,

    You’re gorgeous. I’m ready to move out to Tucson! I hate winter.

    I’m a musician and I live in Woodstock, NY! You know… that Woodstock.

    Looking forward to reading your blog.

  29. I orginally wrote the following to Star Jones. Now having visited your wonderful website I feel that posting it here is a good idea. As I watched disgusted at the treatment of Herman Cain, I am also humbled by him. Being a black conservative in America is risking the turning of a blind eye to the abuse that you may/or may not receive from any number of groups. So, my words to you all is..God Bless you and keep you.

    As we have seen with black conservatives, you wear a target on your back. To the left, the black conservatives is a dangerous group, a group that can do more to save America then most any other group, and trust me, the left knows it. If you think, for one minute that a black conservative would not be dragged through the streets or hung from a tree (or accused of sexual harassment), then you are fooling yourself. The world of the black conservative is as dangerous as it was in the 1960’s south was for MLK. You must take heed, and be very careful with whom you trust, as your enemies may be from all walks of life. I admire you and just so you know, we are with you. Strange thing that I notice is the south is most likely the safest place for a black conservative these days, looks like MLK did teach us a thing or two. Star, be careful, this political climate is disgusting and they will do anything to knock down a black conservative. May God and country walk with you every day.

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