Death for Progress

Ever notice that democrat progressives have a need for people to die for advancement? To me that really supports the thought that they don’t believe in free will, nor see evil for what evil is amongst men biblically. There will always be those that will feel, think and behave a certain way towards others or something regardless of what generation they belong to, right or wrong.


Let’s Talk About Stalking!

Stalking is a very scary thing and it can disrupt and even change lives. It does not take a very long time for things to get dangerous and spiral out of control! What is Stalking? Stalking: noun 1.  the act or an instance of stalking, or harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal…

2014 in review for the Last Civil Right

Kuuleme, Atarah and Babette,  had a wonderful year thanks to our loyal readers and friends of the blog.  All three of us had a busy 2014 with personal business and advocacy events, so it is a wonderful surprise to see how widely read our writing endeavors are around the globe.  The wonderful comments and messages…