3 thoughts on “Education

  1. Hi ladies,

    I was wondering if you’d been following the issue about the teacher in Philadelphia that humiliated a 16-yr-old female student a couple weeks ago for wearing a Romney T-shirt to school. I would be extremely interested to read any opinion article that y’all could write about this issue. Here are some references, so you can find what I’m talking about:

    Here are two Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper articles:

    Mainly though, I hope you’ll listen to this 35-minute interview of the girl’s lawyer on my home-town Denver talk radio station 850koa from Oct 11th. It includes a significant amount of additional information I haven’t seen in print anywhere:
    [audio src="http://www.850koa.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?more_page=2&podcast=shows_rosen&selected_podcast=Rosen10-11-12-10AM_1349975777_21267.mp3" /]

    Please consider telling your readers what you think about this incident.

    – Jeff

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